Embedded Solutions

Why choose an Embedded Recruitment as a solution? 

Elevate your Recruitment and Human Resource processes with tailor-made Embedded Talent Solutions from Ncounter.

Are you a dynamic software company with a large recruitment or HR hurdle to overcome, but lacking resources? Seek to harness the power of innovative outreach programmes and tested recruitment techniques that will be lasting for your business.

Ncounter’s Embedded offering has a mission to connect awesome companies with the best talent through an advanced and bespoke service. We endeavour to be instrumental in managing recruitment processes, utilising sophisticated HR software to streamline operations and enhance the hiring experience.

With a combined 30+ years worth of experience, we have an exceptionally keen eye for talent, a strategic mindset when creating hiring plans, and the ability to leverage technology to meet recruitment objectives.

Ncounter are ready to play a pivotal role in shaping your company’s future with a tangible impact and a forward-thinking approach.

Creating a long-term pipeline of candidates and brand awareness programme, Ncounter will specialise within your market and locality with a multi-channel approach. Including phone based high volume activity, email campaigns, driven from the Ncounter CRM with a unique large scale talent pool. Integrating seamlessly with your CRM/Systems, Infrastructure and Advert responses arriving in your company inbox, long term benefits and objectives are there for you, the customer.

We work to build your database and create new talent pools - whilst also managing application influx and historic data. We offer access to LinkedIn Campaigns/ Recruiter platforms/ Job slots – utilising the client’s brand and affiliating ourselves directly to the company, increasing brand awareness in hiring locations for your organisation.