Helping companies find talent and developers their dream job is our remit - creating long term relationships and adding extra value wherever possible is the goal. Straight from the Simon Sinek school of thought, we start with 'Why'... finding out what is important for all parties involved and striving to achieve it.

Permanent Recruitment
Ncounter make long term relationships with clients and candidates – making well timed approaches to talented technologists, helping grow development teams across the UK.

Contract Recruitment
Project work often comes with deadlines. Meeting your needs quickly, affordably and effectively – Ncounter offer both Umbrella and PSC solutions.

Describe your project based problem and then pass it over to us – Ncounter can help create a solution to meet your business needs, manage constraints and achieve your vision.

Our Values

Hiring the best talent is tough – hiring fairly and with equality at heart can be even tougher.

At Ncounter, we are committed to equal opportunity and helping less represented technologists achieve their goals.

Our clear, distinct objectives and pragmatic approach to achieving them ensure we help you achieve the desired results.

Working closely with each candidate throughout the process is essential in our partnership with you and preparation is key for all involved.

Helping candidates put their best foot forward and clients create valuable and insightful recruitment processes.


Meet the Team

Craig Mullen

Craig Mullen

Tommy Tipping

Tommy Tipping

Technology Recruitment Consultant
Frankie Fields

Frankie Fields

Embedded Solutions | Director