Technical Recruitment Services

Harness our network, interact with the community and enhance your company’s capabilities whilst having a positive impact on the technology community – from the recognised ‘Meet-up’ routes, through to arranging ways for employees to “give their time” in meaningful and interesting ways.

Long term relationships as well as tailored and genuine interactions puts Ncounter in a position to help find valued additions to your team. From graduate hires, through to C-Level Search functions.

Ncounter a different type of recruitment – with a process that is different by choice and flexible by definition. We blend our tried and tested approach with other techniques that can be amended to specific situations and challenges – clearance, pre-screening, technical challenges and Visa sponsorship are all within our remit.

Permanent Recruitment
Ncounter make long term relationships with clients and candidates – making well timed approaches to talented technologists, helping grow development teams across the UK.

Contract Recruitment
Project work often comes with deadlines. Meeting your needs quickly, affordably and effectively – Ncounter offer both Umbrella and PSC solutions.

Describe your project based problem and then pass it over to us – Ncounter can help create a solution to meet your business needs, manage constraints and achieve your vision.

Ncounter Embedded Talent Solutions

Our Embedded services and expertise can enhance your recruiting strategy, improve the success of your recruitment processes, and increase candidate engagement.

To ensure each hire is the perfect fit for the position and culture, we can employ a structured interview programme designed to maximise accuracy, eradicate bias, and minimise fatigue.

Our strategy allows for a more efficient assessment of candidate efficacy, giving you more accurate data to facilitate the best outcome. We embed ourselves in the team culture and always look to pass on knowledge and help upskill your TA and Interviewing team.

Turning to Ncounter for your talent solutions will bring not only efficiency to your recruitment process, but also positive and meaningful results. We embrace the client brand, and to the external audience appear as directly part of the Talent team. We offer a data-driven approach with a continuous improvement philosophy, providing better metrics to measure the success of your recruitment process.

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09. 05. 2024

React Advanced

Here at Ncounter, we help to create open and inclusive environments for the technology communities we serve. Through our meetups, we enable people to interact in person and share learnings they may not otherwise be able to pass onto their peers within a given industry. With over 12 years of experience running some of London’s most successful tech meetups, we’re confident each event will provide attendees to share their own insights, gain new perspectives and make new friends within their field. If all of this isn’t enough to entice your attendance – there will always be free pizza and refreshments too🍕🍶🍔🎉
01. 12. 2023

< Embedded Solutions >

Creating a long-term pipeline of candidates and brand awareness programme, Ncounter will specialise within you market and locality with a Multichannel approach. With phone based high volume activity, email campaigns, driven from the Ncounter CRM with unique large scale talent pool. Integrating with your CRM/Systems and Infrastructure and Advert responses arriving in your company inbox, long term benefits and objectives are there for you, the customer, to be the beneficiary of. We work to build your database and create new talent pools - whilst also managing application influx and historic data. Offering access to LinkedIn Campaigns/ Recruiter platforms/ Job slots – utilising the client’s brand and affiliating ourselves directly to the company increasing brand awareness in hiring locations for your brand.
21. 10. 2023

How to interview well

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. Before any interview, preparation is key. Start by researching the company, its values, culture, and recent news. Familiarize yourself with the job description and requirements, as well as the industry trends. Prepare thoughtful questions that demonstrate your interest and engagement. Remember, knowledge is power!