01. 12. 2023

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Ncounter's tailored talent solutions 



Struggling to meet your hiring needs on time? Losing out on top talent to the competition? You’re not alone, if anything you are joining the thousands of organisations across Europe with these exact roadblocks.

📣 We all know that employing the right staff and cultivating a high performing team is a major challenge facing businesses today. Ncounter brings the expertise, resources, and attitude needed to ensure your team is set up for success

💪🏽 Ncounter offers tailored talent solutions to create an efficient and cost-effective approach to attraction, sourcing, and talent development. Our solution encompasses sourcing and attraction strategies, structured interview programmes and more.. Upskilling is essential for success in today's world, and we bring a comprehensive approach to training and developing your Talent Team and Hiring Managers. We offer unique sourcing and attraction strategies, giving you an edge over the competition.

🕵️ How we do it? Ncounter provides flexible, tailored solutions for each company we work with. We offer sourcing and attraction strategies that will ensure you are turning to the right sources for the right people. Our expertise can enhance your recruiting strategy, improve the success of your recruitment processes, and increase candidate engagement.

🤝 To ensure each hire is the perfect fit for the position and culture, we employ a structured interviewing programme designed to maximise accuracy and minimise fatigue. Our strategy allows for a more efficient assessment of candidate efficacy, giving you more accurate data to facilitate the best outcome.

📊 How Our Solutions Help You? Turning to Ncounter for your talent solutions will bring not only efficiency to your recruitment process, but also positive and meaningful results. We offer a data-driven approach with a continuous improvement philosophy, providing better metrics to measure the success of your recruitment process. 📈 What more? To cap it all off, as a parting gift at project completion we leave your team with the blueprints, methodologies, and know-how to keep the talent engine running and scalable 🔑 Contact us today to discuss how we can help you deliver for your business. 💬”


C O N N E C T & G O 

Creating a long-term pipeline of candidates and brand awareness programme, Ncounter will specialise within you market and locality with a Multichannel approach. With phone based high volume activity, email campaigns, driven from the Ncounter CRM with unique large scale talent pool. Integrating with your CRM/Systems and Infrastructure and Advert responses arriving in your company inbox, long term benefits and objectives are there for you, the customer, to be the beneficiary of. We work to build your database and create new talent pools - whilst also managing application influx and historic data. Offering access to LinkedIn Campaigns/ Recruiter platforms/ Job slots – utilising the client’s brand and affiliating ourselves directly to the company increasing brand awareness in hiring locations for your brand. 

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